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MRM Sports & Entertainment is a full-service representation firm. We bring together a complete package of personal service, dedication, and expertise.


Contract Negotiation

Having an agent who understands how to successfully negotiate your NFL contract is critical.


Financial and Tax Planning

MRM Sports can assist you with banking, tax planning, and other financial needs.


Legal Assistance

Our in-house counsel, Alan Gelb, can assist you with your legal needs.



MRM Sports maintains an extensive network of contacts with the sporting goods, apparel and trading card industries.


Pre-Draft Preparation

Once your school’s regular season is over, your next step is to begin preparing for the NFL combine in Indianapolis.

Other MRM Services

Career Counseling/Retirement Planning

Once their professional football career is over, many clients go onto highly successful careers in other fields. Our large network of business contacts ensure that we can help you with:

  • Planning for your post-football career
  • Advice in planning post-football education
  • Contacts with established companies and people
  • Resume assistance

They say that when one door closes, another door opens. Being a highly successful business owner in his own right, Martin has access to a broad network of companies and business contacts established over his career, and can help open a lot of doors. MRM can help you plan for, search for, and acquire the job that is right for you upon your football career’s end.


As a professional football player, there are several insurance coverage areas you will need to review and address throughout your career. We can help you select the right insurance coverage to protect your income and acquired assets.

  • Disability
  • Automobile
  • Homeowners / Tenant
  • Umbrella
  • Life Insurance
Some NFL Player Benefits

Offseason Workout Program:

If you participate in your Club’s program, all players are reimbursed $295 per day .

Rookie Minicamps / Preseason Training Camp:

Rookies participating in any minicamps or the Club’s preseason training camp are reimbursed $1700 per week, as well as meal allowances, housing and travel to/from your home city.

Health Insurance:

Health insurance is available to all rookies commencing with the beginning of the NFL regular season. Your club’s Human Resources person will provide you with all necessary paperwork and details during preseason training camp.

Performance Based Pool:

All players are eligible to receive distributions from the Performance Based Pool, based on the number of snaps played during the course of the previous season, provided that they played at least one play in one game. This amount is based on a player’s current season’s salary, number of snaps played, and the team’s total current season salary.

Tuition Assistance:

All players who have earned at least one Credited Season are eligible to receive up to $20,000 per League Year as reimbursement towards tuition, fees and books. The player must earn a “C” or better per semester, and be on the team roster for the first game of the NFL regular season (for Fall semesters) or the last game of the season (for Spring semesters).


What is a Foundation?

A Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable corporation, referred to as a 501 (c) corporation, which qualifies as a tax-exempt charity under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue code.  A properly organized and managed Foundation provides a vehicle for a high net worth individual’s philanthropic purposes.

A Foundation is not a means to gain a tax advantage or to employ family and friends.  However, a properly designed and managed Foundation does provide the opportunity to apply tax law for the benefit of the Foundation sponsor and thereby create a win-win situation for all parties involved.  In addition, a properly organized, managed and funded Foundation can lawfully achieve many collateral benefits, including employing family and friends, provided the compensation is reasonable for the services performed.

What is a 501(c) Corporation?

501(c) corporations receive an exemption from federal taxation under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.  These are typically referred to as non-profit corporations.  Donations to these corporations are also tax deductible for the giver, making it easier for these corporations to raise funds.  There are many classes of 501(c) organizations that can qualify under the IRS code for tax-exempt status, the most common for Foundations are those formed under Section 501(c) (3).

How is a 501 (c) Corporation formed?

Steps taken to achieve 501 (c) non-profit status include the following:  incorporation must be completed and an application submitted to the IRS in order to be given 501 (c) status.  Once the IRS authorizes this status, it is necessary to comply with all the ongoing requirements such as holding timely meetings of the Board of Directors and recording these meetings with complete and accurate minutes.  In addition, all corporate finances must be closely reviewed to assure compliance with all 501 (c) regulations as listed in the IRS code.

League-Wide Promotion
Public & Media Relations
Wealth Management/Estate Planning
Advice on New Business Ventures
Licensing/Merchandising Deals

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