Pre-Draft Prep

Pre-Draft Preparation

Once your school’s regular season is over, your next step is to begin preparing for the NFL combine in Indianapolis and any NFL Pro Day or individual workouts you may attend over the next few months.

We have training facilities all over the country.  Our certified staff will evaluate your specific training needs and create a personalized workout plan that will prepare you for the next level.

This Combine-specific workout plan will include:

Video Biomechanical Analysis – Digital video testing is done with every test to identify muscle usage deficiencies, imbalances, power output and reaction. This will help show where adjustments in your musculature can lead to increased performance.

Functional strength training that is designed to simulate the actions and movements used in practices and games.

Reaction/speed training that will focus on teaching you to accelerate faster, improve your focus and kinesthetic awareness, and directly improve your dash times.

Agility coaching and multi-dimensional movement training that will teach you how to more effectively control your momentum and your ability to move through complex patterns at a high rate of speed. This is essential to the overall success of the NFL agility tests.

Customized diet plan based on your specific nutritional and workout needs.


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