Marketing and Endorsement Negotiation

MRM Sports maintains an extensive network of contacts with the sporting goods, apparel and trading card industries. We actively and aggressively pursue off-field marketing opportunities for each client, to maximize their earning potential. These deals can range in scope and detail based on your actual draft position, and MRM will work to negotiate the most lucrative terms possible.

  • Shoes, gloves and other apparel (Reebok, Nike, Under Armor) Trading Cards (Topps, Upper Deck,
    Donruss/Playoff, RCC2/Press Pass)
  • Video Games and Electronic Media (Electronic Arts, Atari)
  • Appearances and Autograph Signings
  • Other Marketing Agreements
  • Automobile Arrangements
  • Cellular Phone Arrangements (Sprint/Nextel)

Our Services

MRM Sports & Entertainment is a full-service representation firm. We bring together a complete package of personal service, dedication, and expertise.

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Marketing and Endorsement Negotiation
We actively and aggressively pursue off-field marketing opportunities.
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