Legal Advice

Legal Advice/Assistance

MRM Sports can help provide assistance to our clients in:

Some components of an NFL Player Contract:

  • Reviewing/advising on home and automobile purchases
  • Reviewing legal documents and Contracts
  • Consultation on all legal matters
  • Negotiating and drafting endorsement contracts
  • Assistance with family wills, estate planning and other legal matters
  • Charitable Foundations

*Depending on the state in which you require assistance in, our in-house counsel, Alan Gelb, can assist you with your legal needs.

Our Services

MRM Sports & Entertainment is a full-service representation firm. We bring together a complete package of personal service, dedication, and expertise.

Other MRM Services:

Pre-Draft Preparation
Combine Specific Training
Contract Negotiation
Successfully negotiating contracts
Marketing and Endorsement Negotiation
We actively and aggressively pursue off-field marketing opportunities.
Tax Planning
Assistance with your financial needs.
League-wide Promotion
Public & Media Relations
Wealth Management/Estate Planning
Advice on New Business Ventures
Licensing/Merchandising Deals
Career Counseling/Retirement Planning

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